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Develop Amazon Strategy

We help you navigate the many decisions involved in successfully launching your products on Amazon. Seller or Vendor? FBA or direct shipping? How do you structure your offerings to achieve a sweet spot of compelling price and attractive profit margins, while taking into account all the various fees charged by Amazon? We help you understand the options and make decisions that are right for your business. And then we partner with you as we get it done.


Listing Optimization

We use continually evolving best practices on listing optimization, to help get your product noticed. We walk you through any additional applications needed to be able to list your products in the best categories and maintain maximum control of your brand’s Amazon presence. Our specialists handle product setup as well as search optimization and keyword research.

We also have vetted freelancers with excellent skills that can help you take your content to the next level.


Product and Margin

We provide soup-to-nuts assistance on new product development optimized to maximize profits – margin management, packaging optimization, creative direction on packaging, bundling advice, initial inventory guidelines, to first FBA shipment.

Selling a lot on Amazon is one thing. Selling a lot on Amazon and still making your profit margins is much much harder. We continually focus on improving your margins as you go through the complex evolution of growing sales on


Promotion and Advertising

We stay on top of the ever evolving landscape of promotional opportunities available on Amazon – such as Lightning Deals, Sponsored Product Ads, Promotional Coupons, Early Reviewer Program, Prime Day, Dash Buttons, Subscribe & Save, Business Buyer Pricing, and more – and help analyze which ones make sense for your business and objectives. We will also assist in setup, execution, and analysis of your chosen promotional strategy.



Our experts work with your operations team to make sure your products make it to Amazon’s fulfillment centers in complete compliance with all requirements, to avoid delays and enable more sales! We can also assist with inventory forecasting advice, ensuring product availability for your customers.


Problem Solving & The Nitty Gritty

Selling on Amazon is less seamless than purchasing. We solve sticky problems with Amazon that our clients can’t, from inventory hold-up, missing payments, listing errors, you name it. We have perfected this art through experience.